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Providing the best welding solutions in west cornwall welding Aluminium, steel, stainless, inconel and titanium

Gates Balconies and Railings

A&H obviously understands that Cornwall provides a lot of salt water rain hence a lot of corrosion on most exposed materials such as Iron, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. These materials corrode because of its Iron content.

A&H is now pushing its own products to provide a solution to the problem. Aluminium gates, balconies and railings with anodised or painted finish. These are very long lasting products as for Aluminium does not corrode these products will only need a coat of paint at 5 to 10 year intervals pending on how close you are to the coast.

These products by A&H are made specifically to the customers’ requirements.

These Products by A&H are as competitive as Stainless Steel products but will give you the customer longevity out of your product.

These products are aimed at commercial, leisure and domestic markets

Please look at this recently completed job by A&H at Pra Sands the house has an amazing contemporary look.

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